Theanine Co., Ltd.

Theanine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with strong desire to make a lot of people enjoy matcha (powdered green tea) casually and to get them healthy.


One of our flagship products is “Frutcha,” a matcha shaker developed completely in-house, and we sell this shaker with selected matcha powder. With “Frutcha,” you can make matcha easily – anytime, anywhere.

Matcha is made with hot water on the traditional occasions such as a tea ceremony, but with “Frutcha,” you can make matcha not only with hot water but also with water, milk, or soy milk.


How to use “Frutcha”: 1. Strain matcha powder through an accompanying tea strainer and put the powder into “Frutcha.” 2. Pour hot water below 80 degrees, water, milk or soy milk into “Frutcha” and shake it strongly 10-20 times.

That is all, and you can enjoy drinking an authentic matcha (or matcha latte). It will be more enjoyable if you drink it with your favorite teacup or matcha bowl.


For more detailed instruction of “Frutcha,” please see the following video:

English subtitles will be available.


The other flagship product is the matcha powder grown in Uji, Kyoto, which has the highest quality in all organic matcha tea leaves grown in Japan. Since the Uji matcha powder we provide is made of hand-picked tea leaves, you will sense less bitter and more umami (savory taste).


For those who would like to try a little different taste, we also sell “hojicha (roasted green tea)” powder and you can enjoy tasty hojicha latte.


To fulfill our desire to make people enjoy matcha worldwide, we visit some countries in the Middle East and in Europe and receive favorable reputation.

Our next step is to do further promotion in Europe, and to enter the American and Asian marketplaces.